about the Bowen technique

About the Bowen Technique

The list of conditions that Bowen can address is surprisingly long. It is most well known for its effectiveness in treating structural problems like back pain, joint pain, sports injuries, knee pain, frozen shoulder and neck problems. But it is also good for IBS, migraines, constipation and bowel problems, piles, low energy, reproductive problems, asthma and hay fever to name but a few. The reason why Bowen can be so wide-ranging is because the treatment works on the whole body, including all the organs.

At the heart of the Bowen Technique is a light, rolling movement performed across key muscles and tendons. No heavy pressure is exerted and no joint-cracking manipulations are used. Consequently, Bowen is very safe and suitable for babies and the elderly and everyone in between. Bowen usually works very quickly and most people do not need more than three treatments.

All treatments are performed through light clothing. Anna has a comfortable treatment room at the Parkdale Yoga Centre, about a mile from Wolverhampton City Centre - see map. Treatments cost £35 and last up to an hour and a half.