about Anna

Anna Ingham ECBS has twenty years of experience as a therapist and Yoga teaching. She is a co-founder of The Parkdale Yoga Centre and a fine art graduate.

Here is a little of the story of her development as a therapist:

"The reason why Bowen can be so wide-ranging is because the treatment works on the whole body, including all the organs. Even now I am often amazed at how far reaching the treatment can be and also how fast it can work. Because the treatment is so gentle and minimal, it is hard to believe it can do anything at all. I understand this very well because I didn't believe it either. (I am one of nature's sceptics.)

I started the Bowen training because the massage techniques I was using at the time had given me very bad RSI in my arms and I couldn't carry on. So I was looking for a therapy I could use that wasn't as damaging for me. Someone I knew said that he was due for a knee operation and had had Bowen as a last resort. After three treatments he was pain-free and never had the operation. Bowen seemed worth exploring so I enrolled for the first four days of training. As soon as I came back, I asked for volunteers to practise on so I could thoroughly test this strange therapy to see if it really did work. Case History One  is the first person I worked on, and as you can see the results were fantastic, much better than I could have achieved with the massage techniques I was using before. So I finished my training and continue to be amazed at how effective Bowen can be.

If you would like to phone me to discuss your condition and whether I can help you, please do."