case histories

Case Histories

CASE ONE: A. B. is a nurse and midwife. She says of her treatment, "Anna is fantastic. I have tried everything for my long-standing back problem including many trips to doctors and consultants, physiotherapists and chiropractors without success. After just one gentle treatment my back pain of five years was 95% better. Not only that, but my left leg which had been one inch shorter since I was a child (causing me to need built up shoes to compensate) was now the same length as the right. Anna explained to me that the reason why this type of dramatic change can occur is because, in most people, leg length differences are not due to actual bone length differences but uneven muscular tension. After the second treatment my back was cured and I have had no more problems since. As if this wasn't enough, with just one more treatment she had cured my IBS and my regular headaches had disappeared.

A few months later I returned for some more treatment after a painful shoulder injury was making it difficult for me to drive. One treatment completely cured my shoulder. As a bonus, a long-standing swelling in my neck gradually disappeared over the next three days after the treatment. I found I could wear my favourite necklace again which had recently become too tight to wear. Now it not only fitted me again but there was room to spare! Anna explained that the treatment had caused my body to release the fluid that had collected in my neck.

Even though I was sceptical at first, the Bowen Technique has completely won me over. I was truly amazed by the dramatic improvements achieved over such a short time. It is safe, gentle, extremely relaxing, has improved my energy levels and greatly increased my quality of life. I would recommend it to anyone."

CASE TWO: B. C., a teacher from Wednesfield had her first Bowen treatment with Anna in July 2004. She says: “By July my stress levels were through the roof and every thing felt like a grinding effort. I was so exhausted and anxious that I was finding it harder and harder to focus at work and I even seemed to be loosing my memory. My immune system had taken a real battering and was so low that I had had a continuous string of colds and flu since September. My neck and shoulders were so stuffed with tension that they were very stiff and hurting all the time and I was often uncomfortably aware of how knotted up my stomach muscles were. I felt I was constantly having to fight against depression and lethargy.
I first heard of the Bowen technique at Anna’s Yoga class and decided to give it a try. The treatment seemed to have a very powerful effect on me which was incredible considering how minimal it is. In the breaks between each set of moves I felt a strong residual sensation on each of the places Anna touched. I could feel my shoulders unblocking and relaxing and had a wonderful feeling of warmth trickling down inside my arms. By the end of the first treatment I felt although I had had a deep massage. Everywhere felt warm and relaxed including my stomach muscles and mentally I felt so much clearer, as though suddenly my brain had been switched back on!
By the end of the third treatment I was totally pain free and generally feeling much more relaxed, outgoing and able to cope. My energy levels, concentration and memory are much, much better and my immune system now seems superhuman compared with what it was like before, I have not had any colds or flu in nine months!
Those few treatments made a real difference to my life and It is also good to know that if I ever have the misfortune to get that stressed again that help is at hand.”

CASE THREE: Mrs. Y. Jones, a midwife from Wolverhampton, came to have Bowen treatment in March 2005. She was suffering from a very bad pain in her left hip that was making it difficult to walk. She also had pain in her left shoulder which was disturbing her sleep as she couldn’t lie on that side and had a very stiff and sometimes sore low back. She says of her treatment, “By the end of the first treatment my hip pain had gone and has not returned since! I can now walk with ease. My left shoulder was also pain free and I can sleep on that side without discomfort. My low back feels much less stiff and more comfortable. I have been very pleased with the treatment and have been recommending it to everyone!”