what to expect

What to expect when you have a Bowen treatment

I will begin by taking a full case history. I want to know about all your current health problems, past injuries and operations and any medication you are taking. The first treatment can last up to an hour and a half.

The treament itself consists of light, rolling type movements over particular points in particular muscles. The movements are gentle and painless. There is no manipulation of joints involved. In between each set of moves, there is a break of a few minutes to allow the body to react and start to make changes. The length of time of the treatment can vary according to what needs to be done. Usually the session lasts about an hour and a half so that, if neccessary, there will be time for me to give you extra help and advice to improve and understand your health problems.

What to wear - I work through light clothing, T-shirt and jogging bottoms would be fine. I can't work through jeans or tight clothing.

After the treatment it is common to feel quite tired so I recommend not planning to do anything strenuous for the rest of the day, just in case. Sometimes you do not feel tired until the next day. I will give you a list of 'dos and don'ts' afterwards so that you can give the treatment the best chance to sink in.

How many treatments you will need is a very individual thing. Bowen usually works quickly. Most people don't need more than three sessions but sometimes it might take more, depending on the person and the problem.

Please try not come early as sometimes I may not get back to the house until just before your treatment is due to start.