history of Bowen

The History of the Bowen Technique

The originator of the Bowen Technique was Thomas Ambrose Bowen. He was born in Australia in 1916. In 1941 he moved to Geelong here he became one of the busiest therapists of all time. Although he had no formal medical training, at his peak in the 1970s he was treating around 13,000 people a year, with most of these being first or second treatments. People would travel for hundreds of miles to see him, often in long term pain, and would be corrected in a couple of sessions. At one point he was seeing a hundred people a day. (This is possible because of the breaks in between the moves, you can treat a lot of people at once, although I prefer one at a time.) He was a very generous and talented man and treated a lot of children as well as the local police force and local football teams, prison inmates and animals. How he devised his technique is a bit of a mystery and he only taught a few people in his lifetime. Since his death, his technique has spread around the world and helped very many people.